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ANATH silk fashion was born out of my love to beautiful and quality fashion, combined with my fascination with artisanal tribal arts, tapestries and geometric design patterns. The latter I definitely got from my mother! My mother owns a factory for screen-printing and she is crazy about fabrics and patterns. She has a huge collection of tapestries and quilts that she has collected from all over the world. You could say that she gave me her “Bug”. When I started with textile design, it was clear to me that I want to bring these incredible patterns to life and give them a modern interpretation, one that would speak to people who look for something special. To people who let their clothes and accessories to speak for them, about their taste, about their standards and about their believes.   
Today we are surrounded with so many big companies, selling similar items that were chosen as “in fashion”. Clothes made out of cheap and harmful materials, just so we could buy more and more and more..We wear it once and then give it away or put it in the garbage. “It doesn’t matter, it’s just for one season,” we say to ourselves. We are getting more and more far away from nature. Everything is ready made for us and we do not know where it is coming from or how it is made or who paid for it to be made so quickly...
Our vision is to encourage people to carefully pick what they are buying and to choose quality and slow made products over fast and unsustainable merchandise. Products that are made with love and attention for details from natural materials. To understand why a product cost what it costs – how long does it take to make it? How much does it cost to make it? Which materials it is made out of?  Where do they produce it? 
Quality products cost more, sometimes much more. But it is worth it! The difference between silk and polyester is incomparable. Cotton, wool, cashmere in comparison to viscose and polyamide… All are different words for PLASTIC!
So, I decided to start a blog and talk about my creative process, how I start my designs and bring them to life. How I decide which designs go on which fabrics…
I would like to give tips on how to wear a scarf! How to combine them for different occasions like, how to combine beautifully a silk scarf with an easy outfits, how to wear them in warm or cold weather. How to iron them best and many more!


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