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  6 ways to wear a silk scarf as a hair accessory     A silk scarf is the most versatile fashion accessory. You can fold it and tie it in endless stylish ways. This is what makes it so precocious and timeless. Its beauty is that it can be an expression of your personal unique style and artistic spirit. In my opinion, it is the perfect accessory! I wanted to share a few beautiful ways to use a silk scarf as a hair accessory.     1. The Hairband The classic and beautiful way of wearing a silk scarf in your hair is the hairband style. You fold your silk scarf diagonally in the middle and then continue to fold it until you have a long and thin band. Then you wrap it around your head and make a knot, which could be left up front or tacked in the back. Simple and chic!       2. The turban   A touch of the oriental is always a good idea! This stunning style is very simple to create but it always leaves a mark of sophistication. Like the hairband, we fold the si

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